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A picture of the Master Chorale singers on stage in Meymandi Concert Hall while performing Verdi Requiem with orchestra. Singers are both on stage behind the orchestra and in the choir loft.
A blue and purple watercolor flower that is shaped like a dahlia, with a white center that has a purple concert title in the middle. Around the edges of the flower is some paint splatter.  The concert information text is along the right side of the image.

2023-2024 Season

This Love Between us

November 10th at 7:30pm

Meymandi Concert Hall

Joy of the Season

December 12th at 7:30pm

Meymandi Concert Hall

Deep blue starry night sky with a thin crescent moon. At the bottom of the image is a white snowy landscape with trees on the sides. Joy of the Season is written in cursive at the top middle in white with the concert details underneath it. The Master Chorale logo is in black in the bottom right corner, and the Martin Marietta Center logo is in white underneath the concert information.
A close-up photo of piano keys, with two pink, glittery hearts, each on their own key in the bottom right. In a faded black box in the top of the image is the concert title in pink and subtitle in white. Towards the bottom left is a faded white box with the concert times and location in black text. The Master Chorale logo is in white in the very bottom right corner.
Romance in the Air

February 10th at 2:00 & 4:30pm

Transfer Co. Food Hall

Master Chorale Goes to the Movies

April 6th at 3pm and 7:30pm

Rialto Theatre

A solid black background with a cartoon movie reel curving through the image, starting in the bottom left corner to the middle right edge. The concert title is in a mixture of large red and yellow marquee letters and white text at the top. Details about the concert are on the left side between the edge of the image and the movie reel. The Master Chorale logo is in the bottom right corner in white.
An image of a sunrise over forested mountains. The concert title, Sunrise Mass, is in a slightly cursive font in the top middle of the image, with the composer’s name, Ola Gjeilo underneath it. The Master Chorale logo is in white in the bottom middle, with the concert details right above it in a dark, faded box.
Sunrise Mass

May 3rd at 7:30pm

Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral

All the Colors of the world

June 1st at 4pm

Hayes Barton United Methodist Church

A vibrant rainbow powder burst with a black background. The Master Chorale logo in black is in the very middle of the burst. In large white letters at the top of the image is the concert title. The details are in white at the bottom of the image.

Our mission

The mission of the North Carolina Master Chorale is to enrich the cultural lives of our communities through exceptional choral music.

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